Bringing Internal Focus, Transitioning and Communication to the Workplace

Struggling in the workplace?

Struggling in the workplace?

Meet Adele

Adele is an  Experienced Executive Director of a twenty-two year old non-profit organization, with a demonstrated history of working in the professional coaching industry. Skilled in Sales, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, and internal growth. Her expertise in ADHD is spot on and brings new perspective to each session.

She helps adults with ADHD (diagnosed or not) improve their executive function skills and transform the narrative of the words, “I am not enough” “I need to prove my worth” as well as an “Ego” check to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Adele is especially adept at helping her clients understand their Invisible Challenges™, as well as their strengths! She assists her clients in finding unique solutions and strategies to achieve optimal success

 Internal Focusing Challenges

Adults with ADHD symptoms may find it difficult to focus, prioritize, keep track of deadlines, be on time for meetings or social events. The inability to control impulses can range from impatience waiting in line and/or expressing your ideas at a business meeting . Adult ADHD symptoms may include: Impulsiveness, poor time management skills, disorganization, restlessness, anxiety, and relationship issues. 

What Adele Can Do For You

Adele can walk you through the smoke and fog of these symptoms and come out with a clear focus, internally content and exhilarated! She does this without changing who you are 

and what you have come here to bring and share with the world! 

This is where your ideas and your creations soar!

Come to Life

"Do you have an idea/creation that is not taking off the way you thought it would?! Do you have some anxiety about where to begin? I can help you from start to finish!" 

Adele's team of people: 

1. Digital tech made easy - Things need to be simple.

2. Adele's coaching in anxiety, directing creativity, time management, and then making Sh... happen!, 

3. Finding and presenting to the "right" targeted audience via social media and networking platforms!

  • 4 X Sessions with Adele

  • Complete automated website including booking calendar, sales process, zoom integration and email marketing sequence. domain & business email integration **

  • Social media management also available 

**does not include monthly email fee, domain price, website hosting, paid zoom plan, and maintaining package.


One Time Fee


"I didn't get to everything I wanted to get to today" Grrrr.... What happens when you are faced with multiple projects/tasks - At work or at home? 

How about living a new life without anxiety and worry? This can be done! It's not about time mgmt, it's about being conscious, in the moment! Using that beautiful, creative mind of yours to hone in on the ideas, and then focusing on each step! More importantly, not allowing the distractions to take over.

There is a reason why you distract yourself. Adele and you will get to the bottom of it and begin to dismantle why you limit and distract yourself. 

You are not broken! You just have to trail back to why...and then dissolve what is in the way of your beautiful-ness!

  • One 60 minute zoom session with Adele


First 1:1 Session




What Drives

Your Emotions

Do you ever wonder why you get annoyed or even rage out if something isn't going the way you planned. Adele will assist you in resolving conscious and unconscious emotional baggage that get in your way of your success

The only reason why you react to such things is because of your family patterning/beliefs. What you perceive is what you believe. 

Adele will walk you through the reasons of why you decided to believe what you believe. These things are stopping you from creating, communicating clearly and more importantly, being content.  

  • One 60 minute zoom session with Adele


First 1:1 Session



ADHD is Unique to Each Individual  

ADHD is displayed in many different ways. It may show up as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use, impulsive, isolation, highly sensitive, empathic, overly social or even workaholics,  Factors like boredom, lack of sleep, stress, difficulty staying on tasks, paying attention, daydreaming or tuning out, feeling overwhelmed, impact how well we adapt to certain work and social environments.

Calming yourself down inside, but how?

Adele takes you beyond managing. Effective strategies include accommodations at work, peer support, and medication may help for awhile, but it's about changing the core conscious and unconscious beliefs that will take you beyond coping. 

How many times have you heard, "relax, be patience, calm down, slow down?" You're like, "yea, right." Adele shares with you what she learned about slowing down internally & trusting that the rest will follow, instead of trying to control your world.  Slowing down doesn't mean you have to slow down your ideas & love for life! 

ADHD is Unique to Each Individual  

About 1 in 5 Americans live with learning/attention disabilities. ADHD has no influence on a person's intellect. Highly intelligent people can still achieve success

Look at the photo to the left. Do these linear tools work for you or are you more of a "drawing circles" kind of person to explain your ideas?

Adele will work together with you to identify the best system that works for you. You have the answers & she will help you create, express and ground the tools that works best for you!!

Looking for A Different Perspective on Your Adult ADHD Symptoms?